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Stainless steel production increased in most countries during 2014

Stainless steel 21.69 million tons of crude steel production in China in 2014, from 18.98 million tons in 2013 increased by 14%, 52% of global crude steel production of stainless steel, and in 2013 accounted for less than 50%. Japan is the world’s second largest producer of stainless steel, stainless steel 3.33 million tons of crude steel production in 2014, up 4.8% from a year earlier. India is ranked third in the world, stainless steel crude steel output of 2.86 million tons, year-on-yea…

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Steel prices fell by 0.4% last week

Last week, Myspic composite index at 77.98, a 0.85% drop from the previous week, fell flat. (MyIpic) iron ore comprehensive index is 66.4, a 1.34% fall from the previous week. Last week the futures market tight trading range, billet prices fell to 1700 yuan/ton. Last week, the United States on August existing-home sales fell 4.8%, fell more than expected. Before September Markit manufacturing PMI initial value 53.0, 53. Yellen reiterated rates to rise in late 2015. The euro zone’s manufact…

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Stainless steel weak pattern cannot change in October

In the third quarter of this year, the domestic economic downward pressure is bigger, weak demand. Both nickel and stainless steel, the market of the main tone is downward, the stainless steel market in the stage of to inventory. Tianjin Li Yanxin stainless steel association secretary-general, said the price of stainless steel repeatedly dip squealed the steel mills and traders, as China and the international financial market volatility, macro economic uncertainty increases, the market confidenc…

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The road of steel industry reform

At present, the reform of state-owned enterprises also face many problems in the process, such as state-owned enterprises market main body status is not really established, enterprise management, soe should not divide, ownership and management rights classification problems still exist, corporate governance structure is not perfect, market mechanism has not been true to form, enterprise’s social functions and problems left over by history has not been fully resolved and state-owned enterpr…

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Iran may stop exporting iron ore in 2019

Iran iron ore producers and exporters’ association (IROPEX) executives say, because of the low ore price and increase domestic consumption, Iran may be completely stop exporting iron ore by 2019. Iran this year is expected to drop to 1500-1500 tons of iron ore exports, further down to 10 million to 2017 tons, while exports of 23.6 million tons in 2013. Iran’s plans by 2025 steel production increase more than 2 times, from 16.3 million tonnes to 55 million tonnes last year, every year…

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China steel projects to provide financing for Iran

Recently, Iranian officials said, China will provide funding for seven Iranian steel project. Iran’s mining development and innovation organization (‘), President of kappa, Ann (MahdiKarbasian) accept, nim (Tasnim) news agency in an interview, an Iranian bank has the l/c for seven steel financing project to make the final arrangements. He said, adding that the two sides after nervous business negotiations, China agreed to provide $1.8 billion in financing for seven steel projects. Ka…


Mexico raise 5 kinds of steel products import tariffs

The Mexican government has recently approved, raised 5 kinds of temporary tariffs on imports of steel products to 15%, deadline for six months. This applies only to the non free trade partner countries imports of steel products, including steel billet, medium plate, hot-rolled coil, manufacture coil and wire rod. Allegedly, Mexico is currently more than 60% of the anti-dumping investigation for steel products, tariffs will benefit the national all steel manufacturers. Ink national iron and steel…


Stainless steel tableware industry should attempt to cope with the international anti-dumping

Since 2015, Russia, Turkey and other countries to China to start the stainless steel tableware anti-dumping duties, the whole city stainless steel tableware industry is facing huge impact and the severe test. Jinan customs in binzhou office proposal, industries and enterprises to further study of relevant policies and regulations, set up the consciousness of bulk, through technology and brand competitiveness. Customs office staff introduced in binzhou, jinan in June this year, Russia launched st…

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Medium thickness plate prices weak down

Yesterday in the thick plate index is fell by 0.23% in the previous session. As of 28 national 23 main market average prices weak down the plate. 8 mm thick plate in the average price compared with the previous trading day down 5 yuan/ton, the chengdu fell 10 yuan/ton. 20 mm thick plate in the average price compared with the previous trading day down 5 yuan/tons, including wuhan fell 10 yuan/ton. 20 mm average prices compared with the previous trading day down low alloy board 4 yuan/ton, the jin…


Malaysia & Vietnam carry out anti-dumping duties for China color coating steel

Malaysia’s ministry of international trade and industry (Miti) decision, since September 26 caitu volume of imports from China and Vietnam provisional anti-dumping duties. Miti, said China dumping rate of 52.1%, 5.68% ~ 16.45%, and Vietnam product customs code is 7210.70210, 7210.70290 and 7210.70900, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) coordination tariff code for 7210.70.1000, 7210.70.9020 and 7210.70.9090. Miti will start from September 26, 120 days to make the final. Ac…